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Lock Armor™

Advanced U.S. Patented Security Door Lock Upgrade that shatters the false sense of security provided by mortise locks

Lock Armor Shatters Brass Lock Guard

The Purpose

To dramatically improve the security of steel security doors with mortise lock systems (such as Marks USA, 4-Way and C.E.L.)

Lock Armor Photo A Lock Armor Photo B

The mortise locks pictured above failed during an actual forced entry. The black marks are fingerprint dust applied by police.

How it Works

Lock Armor™ is a United States Patented high-strength stainless steel device designed to replace the fragile brass plate on your current mortise lock. In addition to reinforcing the deadbolt throws, the wider one-piece design dramatically improves pry protection by slipping neatly over the common thin-gauge standard lock guard.

As seen in this video, steel security doors with mortise locks can be easily penetrated by a home invader using just two small hand tools. Lock Armor™ has been independently proven to eliminate this vulnerability by adding up to 300% more security.

Lock Armor Photo A Lock Armor Photo B

Lock Armor™
The Patented, proven way to make your lock more secure!

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